Professional Traveler

Hi. My name is Brad. I’m a health professional of 20 years, father of a 6 year old daughter and married to an amazing woman named Rebecca from the United States. We live in Sydney, Australia. We have a big problem though that I’d like to share.  We’re addicted to travel! 🙂 It’s been an issue for many years that we’ve tried to curb. Luckily I was introduced to an amazing Travel Club in March 2015 that has forever changed the way we purchase our travel, and the type of travel we do. The travel club is the product of a technology company from the USA, that is having the same effect on the travel industry that Skype, Uber, Netflix and AirB&B are having on their own industries. Now as a result of joining the club and loving it so much, I decided to represent the company and share it as a professional. I can now officially call myself a part-time Professional Traveler. Eventually this part time gig will replace my income as a health professional. I earn an income just sharing a concept. A unique concept in the way we all purchase travel. Do a quick search for my name ‘Brad Rasmus’ and you’ll see my businesses plastered all over the internet. I’m reputable and not the type of person out to make a quick buck and lead people the wrong way. This isn’t an illegal pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme. It’s far from it. It’s simply a better way to travel more for less! Do yourself a favour, contact me today by placing your email below. I’ll send you a short 3 min video that will explain the bare basics of the club. If it’s for you, we’ll talk more. Look forward to receiving your email!

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